Warbirds Virtual 352nd FG Recruiting

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Virtual 352nd Fighter Group.

Unfortunately, at this time we are NOT currently accepting applications for new members. Because of our current size we feel it is best for the game for new pilots to join existing squads other than the 352nd. ***


For those with specific interest in aircraft, we recommend the following Warbirds groups/squadrons, all of whom are active in the Warbirds event called the S3's:

P-51 Mustang: 4th Fighter Group or 23rd Fighter Group

Spitfire: RCAF, American Eagles or 23rd Fighter Group

P-40: 23rd Fighter Group

Pacific Theater, Allied: American Eagles, VFA-211 Fighting Checkmates

Pacific Theater, Axis: Tainan Kokutai

Luftwaffe: Jg77 or Jg51

Bomber Aircraft: 305th HBG Can Do, Doolittle's Raiders, Knights Who Say Ni!

Strike a/c: Night Stalkers, 100th FBG, The Haze

*** We of course do make exceptions, including: family members of existing virtual 352nd pilots, family members of pilots from the WWII group, and returning virtual 352nd pilots. Other exceptions will be made on a case by case basis, but at this time anyone interested in flying in the online sim Warbirds is encouraged to consider any of the above groups within the game.

The Virtual 352nd Fighter Group stresses three things:

  • Honor

    We honor the history and memories of the great men who flew in the 352nd Fighter Group during WW II.

    When possible, we use the same aircraft and tactics, in the same role, as they did. The 352nd FG maintains high visibility in the online WWII air combat simulator community. We require our pilots to act in a manner that honors the men of the Real 352nd at all times.

  • Teamwork

    There is nothing more deadly than a group of pilots that fly and fight together.

    To achieve this we have regular squad training nights, to learn and practice tactics, and war nights to put them into use. Members are expected to attend every session they can.

  • The P-51 Mustang

    While the Bastards are encouraged to fly other planes to learn their relative strengths and weaknesses, once the P-51 comes out, we fly it almost exclusively. We also spend time in the P-47, which the 352nd flew before it was issued its Ponies.

Any prospective Bastard will be subject to a 6 week probationary period and will be judged on attendance, attitude, and willingness to function as a part of our extremely effective Fighter Group.

Use the following form to let the CO know of your interest in the 352nd:



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What is your online flight sim experience?

Have you flown with another squadron?

Why you would like to join the 352nd FG?



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