Virtual 352nd FG
Procedures and Tactics


Ideas by YT
How y'all doing with the challenge I threw out at ya's?? K/S, S/L, K/D, gunnery % ? I REALLY want to see you ALL improve in these categories, even if you don't have allot of room to improve.


P-40 Tips by BBGun
As far as flying the P-40E goes, you have to keep it at their ideal fighting speed between 220ish and 320ish. At these speeds, it outrolls everything in the arena, even giving FW190s a run for their money.


A Gunnery Discussion by The Members of the 352nd
Enroute to the engagement zone, alone, I encountered a lone gold FW 'bout 3K above me. I yanked around to put him on my nose. Pulled a nice vertical lead turn and shortly was on his 6.


Single Fighter Defence by Bonger
As I enter the combat area I quickly check the map for the closest friendly territory with the most friendly planes and decide on a egress route in advance, "OK, if jumped I immediately bug ENE".


Jabo Tactics by BBGun
KEY! Have a RELAXED STICK when you release the package.
Know your target BEFORE you start your run. Try to line up your run so you can adjust to a secondary target if your's dies before you get there.


Comms Brevity and Standard Terminology by -Dobs-
Acurate, Bold and Concise Comms Lead to Everyone being on the same Page

Sick's ACM School

Fighting with the Pony

Tactics Opponents
Maneuvers Explained FW-190's
Ground School Ki-84Ia's
The Energy Merge F4U-1's
Gaggle Tactics P-47D's
Welded Wing Bf109K-4
Head-On Avoidance P-38J/L's
The Swoop Bombers
The Drop Others
The Ping Pong
Bugging Out

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