Name: Roger Smith
WarBirds ID: dewolf
Age: n/a
Location: n/a
Employment: n/a
Family: n/a
Hobbies: n/a

Howdy, I'm Roger A. Smith, call sign "Wolf". I llive in Santa Barbara, CA. I work as a construction inspector on school and hospital projects. I'm relatively easy to find, I'm either at my house, on my project, or at the airport.

I've been flying since 1980, and have been a "cypber pilot" with MSCFS I & II for about two years now, and realize that I have a lot of 352nd tactics to learn from the rest of the group. I fly ultralight and home-built aircraft and am also a builder. I have nearly completed a 1/2 scale F4U Corsair (check my web site) which I have been building for over 10 years, and will be test flying it soon now. I'm based at the Santa Ynez airport (IZA), so any of you who are also GA pilots are welcome to stop by any weekend. Hangar E-10.

My Uncle was the CChief to Col. Joe Mason in the "original" 352nd and I am proud to be invited to join a group of guys who take cyber flying as seriously as the members of the original squad took their flying. I favor any activity that fosters the memory of the Air Power Heritage of the US, plus it looks like you guys have as much fun flying the cyber birds as I do. I look forward to getting to know my cyber flying buddies a lot better.

Happy trails...

P-51D-10-NA 44-14911"Jolly Roger" flown by 1st Lt. Roger "Wolf" Smith
Group Executive Officer, 352nd Fighter Group, April 2004

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