352nd Fighter Group

Being a chaplain for the 352nd Fighter Group (pilots, crew, etc. who flew bluenosed P-51 Mustangs against Germany in World War II) is a HUGE privilege. I am extremely fortunate to have made friends with them – they were, and are, heroes.

My association with this group came about because of a game. Really. An online WWII flight combat simulation called “Warbirds.” In the game, each player has a name—mine’s “Parson” (a seldom-used word for “Pastor”) because of the nature of my profession. I’m a minister, the founder/President/Emperor of JumpStart Ministries. I help churches get youth ministries established, create youth ministry curriculum and materials for youth leaders to use, edit youth ministry magazines, etc.

This website is where you’ll find some pictures and videos of my experiences with the 352nd.


Nothing beats standing next to a bluenosed Mustang.