Virtual 352nd FG Mission Statement

1. We fly as entertainment, but we hope through the recreation of aerial battles, to capture the feelings of excitement and camaraderie that the real life historical pilots we emulate may have felt.

2. We seek to honor the people who flew and fought for the principle of freedom.

3. We especially seek to honor the men of the United States 352nd Fighter Group who fought during World War 2. We must not allow their memory, and the memory of their exploits, to be lost. This is why we offer unstinting support to those veterans who remain and why we keep an active participatory link to them. We recognize that we are losing these living links to one of the most important events of human history. The task will fall to us to see that they are not forgotten.

4. By joining the Virtual 352nd we recognize that we are a part of a disparate group, with many different personalities. This means there will be times we disagree. We promise to never, regardless of circumstance, bring the trivial problems of a bunch of game players to the attention of the real life veterans of the 352nd.

5. We are not limited to any flight sim, nor are we strictly limited to any airframe or historical period for our flight ops. We will always emphasize flying in the P51 mustang as the squadron ride however, and actively train in it. That being said, we are inspired by those who came before us, but not limited by them.

6. We believe that by flying well, by being good friends to our squadron-mates, and by keeping the memory alive, we best serve the veterans we honor. It is the ties of friendship and respect that bind us, in keeping with the way our historical predecessors flew together, not any particular simulation. This is why we believe at our core, 'Once a bastard, always a bastard..' If flying an F-16 online under the name 352nd FG makes just one more person aware of the real life heroes of WW2, then our mission is accomplished.

Let no virtual sky escape our reach. We are the Virtual 352nd FG, endorsed by the veteran's we seek to honor.

Anthony "Totentanz" Forster

Founder, 352nd FG (virtual)