352nd Fighter Group Stories

The 352nd FG Association is compiling a historic collection of articles, a number previously unpublished, about their experiences in skies over Europe during the Second World War.

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Edward Gignac: "Gig's Up!" by Marc L. Hamel
An excellent Flight Leader and pilot, Edward Gignac never attained the exalted title of 'ace' with the Army Air Forces. However, his awards, accomplishments, and the respect garnered from his peers clearly marked him as an outstanding pilot.

"Raining Thunderbolts" by Marc L. Hamel with Simon Dunham
The 352nd Fighter Group flew an unusual mission out of its Bodney airfield in England on March 8, 1944. It was unusual not in its intended bomber escort goal, but rather in the composition of the Group on the mission. Using a mixture of seven P-51 B/C's and fifty P-47D's, Mission 69 was a success in one respect for the 352nd, and an unexpected, hair-raising tragedy in another.

"History of the 352nd FG Squadron Shields" from "The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney" Although the 352nd Fighter Group (like many of the fighter and bomber groups formed at that time) had no officially approved insignia during WWII, each Squadron had a unique design for a Squadron insignia.

Edwin L. Heller : "Gung Ho Fighter Pilot" from the "Valor" series of AIR FORCE Magazine
In every fighter outfit there were--and are--a few pilots whose spirit and determination set them apart.

John Meyer: "Four-Star Ace" from the "Valor" series of AIR FORCE Magazine
There's an old saying among fighter pilots, "I'd rather be an ace than a general." John Meyer was both.

George Preddy: "The Complete Fighter Pilot" from the "Valor" series of AIR FORCE Magazine
George Preddy was on his way to becoming the leading ace in Europe when tragedy struck.

William Whisner: "A Very Special Ace" from the "Valor" series of AIR FORCE Magazine
Only one Air Force pilot was both an ace in two wars and a three-time winner of the DSC.

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