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High Iron Illustrations adds 352nd FG pilot bios

John Doughty of High Iron Illustrations has added bios of 352nd pilots Bill and Buck Pattillo to his website.  These are in addition to many other 352nd pilot's bios, including: Don Bryan, Richard Creamer, M. Dee Johnson, Frederick Powell, and Alden Rigby.


"The West Virginian"

by Ted Williams

Artist Ted Williams is noted for his aviation subjects. For many years, he has created paintings and illustrations for a broad clientele including private commissions for aircraft owners and pilots, as well as other historical artwork for numerous museums and publishers. Most notably, in the spring of 2002, his first book entitled The American Fighter Plane (Metrobooks, Barnes and Noble Publishing) was released. The aircraft art from the book as well as other historical subjects are available on line at

Ted has also created a beautiful profile of Punchy Powell's The West "by Gawd" Virginian.  Click on the pictures above and below for a direct link to purchase these fine prints.


352nd Fighter Group Association and the Preddy Memorial Foundation plan trip to Europe

The 352nd Fighter Group Association and the Preddy Memorial Foundation took a group of their members back to visit their wartime bases and the gravesite of George and Bill Preddy, both fighter pilots killed in action during WWII. The 12-day trip, April 3-15, 2003, included London, Cambridge and Bodney in England, a Chunnel train and coach trip to Calais, Dunkerque, Chievres and Asch (both were 352nd bases in Belgium), the Battle of the Bulge area, Liege, Luxembourg, Metz, Rouen, the Normandy invasion beaches and Paris.

Full House - Aces High
John R. Doughty, Jr.

High Iron Illustrations is pleased to announce the release of our latest aviation fine art lithograph, "Full House - Aces High" by noted aviation artist John R. Doughty, Jr. This new lithograph is a full color Limited Edition of 550, which is hand signed by thirteen 91st Bomb Group and 352nd Fighter Group veterans, including two P-51 fighter (Mustang) aces and several crewmembers who were POWs.

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"The Y-29 Legend, The Bluenosers Speak" to be published in three upcoming issues of Air Classics!

The facts have been known for 57 years about the fantastic "white wash" 23 to 0 victory by the 487th Fighter Squadron over the Luftwaffe on January 1st, 1945. The story of this aerial melee over Asch was penned at the end of the war, entitled "The Legend of Y-29", and has been printed previously in several magazines. However the entire story, from the mouths of the men who participated, has never been put to print. In three consecutive upcoming issues of Air Classics, you will find their story, entitled "The Y-29 Legend, The Bluenosers Speak". This 11,000 word, first-person article was compiled by Marc Hamel from the research work accomplished by 328th FS pilot Robert "Punchy" Powell over many years. The story is illuminated by the stellar aviation art of Troy White and the unsurpassed photo work of Sam Sox. Included is a surprise recent addition to the 23 victories thought to be achieved on January 1st, 1945.

352nd FG Association calls for signatures on petition
to rename Pope AFB in George Preddy's Honor

352nd Fighter Group and the Preddy Memorial Foundation requests your signature on a petition to honor Major George E. Preddy, top Mustang Ace, and the sixth rank Air Force ace of all our wars.

There are only two major Air Force installations in North Carolina, Major Preddy's home state--Pope and Seymour Johnson. Pope AFB was named for Lt. Harley Pope, killed along with his crewman, Sgt. W. W. Fleming, on January 1, 1917 when his JN-4 crashed into the Cape Fear River as a result of poor visibility and lack of fuel. Lt. Pope was from Indiana. Several airfields are named for local aviators killed in accidents including Dyess, Laughlin, McConnell, McGuire, Nellis and Vance AFB.

Since Major Preddy and his brother, Captain Bill Preddy were both killed in action as fighter pilots over Europe, it would be a most appropriate tribute to have Pope AFB renamed as Pope-Preddy AFB, honoring three heroes of two World Wars.

Only the U.S. Air Force, not Congress nor the President, has authority to name or rename an air base, and if there is a strong indication that public opinion favors such a change, it will be given serious consideration--hence this petition.

Therefore, the 352nd and the PMF request that you join us in this effort to pay tribute to these North Carolina heroes by viewing the website listed here and adding your signature to those who have already expressed their approval for this effort. You may do so by pulling up the following site:

Please do it now. We need your support to make this happen. Thank you,
The 352nd Fighter Group and Preddy Memorial Foundation.

For more information on the Preddy brothers, view the PMF website:

Bluenoser Bounce
by Robert Bailey

Bluenoser Bounce by Robert Bailey

Canadian aviation artist Robert Bailey has recently released a painting depicting a low-level strafing attack on a German airfield in France on 28 April 1944, the painting features four bluenosed Mustangs of the 352nd Fighter Group out of Bodney, England.

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and how to get a limited edition signed print!

"The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney"
By Tom Ivie and Bob Powell

Makes a wonderful gift!

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Graphically written and illustrated with more than 1,000 wartime photos, this history details the combat record of the 352nd Fighter Group once described by General William E. Kepner, C.O. of the 8th Fighter Command, as "Second to None". It features dramatic accounts of the wartime experiences of boys from the farms and streets of America who became men virtually overnight as they were thrust into deadly combat against vastly more experienced Luftwaffe pilots.

Col. Hubert "Hub" Zemke, legendary C.O. of the famous 56th Fighter Group, described this book as "Absolutely the best fighter history to come out of World War II."

This is the same book that collectors are paying up to $300 for if they can find a first edition.

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Newest 352nd Ace Finally Gets Credit For Kills

Lt Alden Rigby

One of our guys, Alden Rigby (who was involved in the Legend of Y-29 air battle on Jan 1, 1945 when 12 of our pilots were taking off just as some 50+ German planes attacked our airfield at Asch, Belgium) was finally been credited in September of 2000 with an additional victory.  The additional victory makes him the 352nd's 29th WWII ace!


Click here to read the story on High Iron Illustrations!

"Last Reunion of Heroes"

21-25 September 2000
Richmond, VA

"Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We will never forget you."
Col. Steven Hicks
Virginia Air National Guard

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