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Preddy Memorial Foundation

The purpose of the Preddy Memorial Foundation is to ensure that Maj. George E. Preddy, Jr., First Lieutenant William R. Preddy and their comrads at arms will continue to be honored for their significant contributions to victory during World War II. Maj. George E. Preddy, Jr., the top scoring Mustang Ace of all wars, was a member of the 352nd FG.

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Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum is a history and aviation museum that promotes understanding and appreciation of the contributions of the men and women who have served in the Air Forces of the United States. The Museum is committed to meeting the educational needs of future generations through a variety of innovative programs, unique exhibits, and historical archives.

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Air Force Association

Air Force Association, formed in 1946, is an independent, nonprofit, civilian aerospace organization that promotes public understanding of aerospace power and national defense. AFA is led by volunteer leaders at the national, state, and local levels. The association has some 300 chapters around the country and abroad.

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Little Friends: 8th Air Force Fighter Groups

This site is dedicated to all those who flew and served in the U.S. 8th Army Air Force during World War II. It is a consolidation of details gathered over many years including the various reference works published on the subject and is presented as a research tool to 8th Air Force historians.  One of the best sites around for researching historical information about fighter groups from the 8th Air Force, their pilots, and aircraft.

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Web-birds: 352nd FG Information

A collection of WWII Warbird images from different sources. Included are Unit Histories, photos, stories and recent warbird images. The 352nd FG section of this website has a excellent collection of images and stories.

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Warbirds Resource Group: Legends of the 352nd

The Warbirds Resource Group was formed to provide a cohesive organization that ties the various resource groups together. There are currently six resource groups in existence. The USAAF Resource Group is devoted to the keeping and dissemination of the history of those who served with the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. The Legends of the 352nd has information on over 20 of the 352nd's well known pilots.

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The Legend of Y-29

January 1, 1945, The German Luftwaffe launches Operation Bodenplatte, a last desperate attempt to break loose the Ardennes Offensive that had been halted at Bastogne. Approximately 800 German fighters are sent to attack 15 allied forward air bases. At some bases the Luftwaffe attack is devastating, destroying aircraft and rendering airstrips useless. At other fields only a few fighters found their targets and damage was minimal. But at Asch the result was unlike anything the Luftwaffe had imagined. The attack on the Asch airbase, known as Y-29, was a total disaster. In no other battle did one unit distinguish itself so well from such a disadvantage. For their courage and performance in the face of overwhelming odds, the 487th earned the only Distinguished Unit Citation given to a fighter squadron in the Northwestern European Theater of Operation.

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East Anglia, The Air War

The primary purpose of this site is to show East Anglia as it once was to those who spent some of the most intense moments of their lives here, but who now find it hard to make the pilgrimage to their old haunts. To those who made, and lost, so many friends. This site includes comprehensive reference sections: Short histories, Fuselage codes, East Anglian deployment dates, artwork and more.

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U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II

In Honor of the Members of the 8th Army Air Corps. General information about the USAAF in WWII.

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357th Fighter Group Website

This site is in remembrance of the USAAF fighter squadrons, in particular the 357th fighter Group and it's three squadrons, and to all of those who fought in battle with the 8th Air Force and what they may have done for us.

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Web-birds: 364th FG Information

A collection of WWII Warbird images from different sources. Included are Unit Histories, photos, stories and recent warbird images. The section is dedicated to the 364th FG .

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Zeno's Warbirds Drive-in

Watch World War II pilot training films free over the 'Net for the A-20, B-17, AT6/SNJ, P-51, P-38, P-39, P-40, F4U, F6F, P-47, P-6 1, B-29, B-24, B-25, A-26, B-26 & more using RealPlayer.  World War II plane pilot's manuals too.

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