Berkshire's "Miss Behave"

Berkshire's Miss Behave


Inherited Beauty!  "Miss Behave" was reassigned to the 487th FS on 11 March 1944 after successfully completing 30 missions under the control of 355th FG pilot Henry Kucheman, 354FS Ops following the groups conversion to Mustangs. The gorgeous artwork was the work of a most talented 355th FG artist  Art DeCosta. The ecstasy was short lived however.  487th CO Lt. Col J C Meyer upon seeing her, ordered her removal from the P-47 very shortly after she arrived and had been assigned to Lt. Robert Berkshire who had flown the famous P-47 "Brutal Lulu". As the 487th converted to Mustangs in the first weeks of April, she was transferred sans nose art to the 328th FS. On April 9th, the Thunderbolt was lost on a mission with the much beloved Lt. Fredrick A. "Pappy" Yochim at the controls. ("Miss Behave" data via 355th historian Bill Marshall)

Courtesy of the 352nd FG Association