352nd Fighter Group

Products and Memorabilia

Troy White Paintings

Troy has graciously allowed us to use his art on this website. He has prints available for sale of several of these fantastic paintings. Click on any image to find out more information.

The latest Bluenoser from Troy White!
Twlight Victory
"Twilight Victory"
Troy White

All The Way American Patrol New Year's Bash Perfidia
"All The Way"
Troy White
"American Patrol"
Troy White
"New Year's Bash"
Troy White
Troy White

Round Trip Ticket Slender, Tender & Tall J.C. Meyer: The Legend of Y-29 Punchy & Jack
"Round Trip Ticket"
Troy White
"Slender, Tender & Tall"
Troy White
"J.C. Meyer: The Legend of Y-29"
Troy White
"Punchy & Jack"
Troy White

Full House - Aces High
John R. Doughty, Jr.

High Iron Illustrations is pleased to announce the release of our latest aviation fine art lithograph, "Full House - Aces High" by noted aviation artist John R. Doughty, Jr. This new lithograph is a full color Limited Edition of 550, which is hand signed by thirteen 91st Bomb Group and 352nd Fighter Group veterans, including two P-51 fighter (Mustang) aces and several crewmembers who were POWs.

Click here to find out more about this beautiful painting!

Bluenoser Bounce
by Robert Bailey

Bluenoser Bounce by Robert Bailey

Canadian aviation artist Robert Bailey has recently released a painting depicting a low-level strafing attack on a German airfield in France on April 28, 1944, the painting featuring four bluenosed Mustangs of the 352nd Fighter Group out of Bodney, England.

There are a limited number of signed prints available! Click below to find out more.

Click here to see the large image and find out the whole story here!


"The West Virginian"

by Ted Williams

Artist Ted Williams is noted for his aviation subjects. For many years, he has created paintings and illustrations for a broad clientele including private commissions for aircraft owners and pilots, as well as other historical artwork for numerous museums and publishers. Most notably, in the spring of 2002, his first book entitled The American Fighter Plane (Metrobooks, Barnes and Noble Publishing) was released. The aircraft art from the book as well as other historical subjects are available on line at www.tedwilliamsaviationart.com.

Ted has also created a beautiful profile of Punchy Powell's The West "by gawd" Virginian.  This profile and the above print can both be purchased at Ted Williams website.

Other Artwork

Capt Charles Ceskey Mixed Doubles
Raymond Waddey's painting of Capt Charles Cesky Darrel Crosby's painting "Mixed Doubles"

Preddy Memorial Foundation

The Preddy Memorial Foundation has two nice prints for sale.

White Flight

A depiction of George Preddy's flight of three Mustangs the day he downed six Me 109s in about five minutes, setting the ETO record.


Ortega Print

Print by Lonnie Ortega depicting George Preddy, Cripes A' Mighty 3rd and one of the six Me 109s shot down by Preddy on August 6, 1944.